HiWay mechanical distributor conveyors

HiWay mechanical distributor conveyors are widely used for the transport and for the distribution in several points of a circuit of powders and granules of various kinds.

They consist of special housings linked by tubes, through which a chain or metallic or synthetic cable fitted with plastic discs runs. The system is started by a drive unit and the chain/cable is tensioned automatically

The discs of HiWay mechanical conveyors carry the material by mechanical action thanks to the linear speed imparted by the cable.

The material is discharged by gravity, by means of special manual or pneumatic shut-off valves mounted along the transport pipe.

The low energy consumption, the lack of dust in the environment, the possibility of conveying products with different specific weights and easy integration even in existing systems make HiWay mechanical conveyors economical, efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly and highly versatile.

HiWay manufactures only with quality materials its mechanical conveyors as for all its products. Drive units, loading hoppers discharge ends and tubes are made of mild steel or 304 or 316 stainless steel. Corners are in cast aluminium, cables are produced in galvanized mild steel, stainless steel or textile fibre and chain are produced in hardened carbon steel or stainless steel.

The discs moulded on the chains can be manufactured in several materials according to the specifications, for example polyurethane, nylon, glass filled nylon, hytrel, etc. The low electrical power used (see table), the minimal maintenance required, the simplicity of installation, the essential design, the modularity of the system and the high performance make the HiWay mechanical conveyor a versatile system suitable to any needs.

Hiway mechanical conveyors – specifications

UNI 481,5/2,2 KW1,5 m³/h
UNI 602,2/3 KW2,6 m³/h
UNI 763 KW5,5 m³/h
UNI 1144 KW10 m³/h
UNI 1685,5 KW35 m³/h
UNI 2737,5 KW60 m³/h


Main components of HiWay's systems

Drive units

Drive units are used in HiWay mechanical conveyors to drag the cable inside the conveying tubes. The drive units have been designed to cope with the most demanding requirements when conveying powders and granulates. A large front door allows an easy access to the inside components for inspection.

The drive units are available in several models. Painted steel and stainless steel version are available. The UNI drive units are suitable for indoors and outdoors installation.

I gruppi traino sono disponibili in varie versioni. Esecuzione sia in acciaio inox che in acciaio al carbonio verniciato. I gruppi traino si possono posizionare sia in ambienti interni che esterni.

Loading hopper

Loading hoppers are used to dose the material into the feeding line. The distribution conveying systems must be always fed regularly and constantly. Several are the solutions designed for feeding all conveyors: an inlet gravity hopper with manually operated shutters and an automatic inlet hopper with an integrated screw feeder, which can extract and convey the exact quantity of inflowing material throughout the tube. The loading hoppers are available in stainless steel or in painted steel.

Discharge units

The discharge units allow the material to be dropped from HiWay mechanical conveyors in several points of the feeding line and can be always open or can be operated with hand, automatic or electric shut-off valves. They are constructed in stainless steel or in painted steel.


Corners allow the direction of the system to be modified. The corners are fitted with cast aluminium casings, which can be easily opened on one side for inspection. The inner corner wheel is made of cast iron. The standard model has a 90° angle, but different angles are available on request.

Joint pipe

Connectors are used to connect the conveying tubes. Assembly is fast and they guarantee solidity to the tubular construction, a dust-free handling environment and ensure electrical continuity for the grounding.

Ropes and chains

The HiWay mechanical conveyors cable and chain are available with various diameters to provide the optimum performance for every situation.


Main products handled by HiWay

HiWay conveying systems are installed in a wide variety of industrial branches including: chemical, food, recycling, rubber, plastics, wood, paper, tanning, paint, ink, adhesives, foundry etc.

  • lime
  • calcium carbonate
  • talcum
  • titanium dioxide
  • silicate
  • melanine
  • urea
  • quartz powder
  • camphor
  • dried glue flakes
  • lead oxide
  • iron oxide
  • resine flakes
  • wood shavings
  • wood flour
  • chopped tobacco
  • cloves
  • cast iron file dust
  • lyophilised earth for tiles
  • atomised clay
  • carbon black
  • petroleum coke
  • powdered coal
  • calcium silicide
  • grape seeds and dried grapes
  • dried pulse
  • cocoa beans
  • whole and cracked almonds
  • wet ground coffee
  • coffee
  • milk powder
  • olive husk
  • tea
  • spices
  • sugar
  • icing sugar
  • rice and puffed rice
  • pop corn
  • milled rubber
  • milled plastic
  • PVC powder and granules
  • PET flakes